An exceptional, rock-solid workbench at a reasonable price

The Flatline workbench is exceptionally strong and light due to it's box girder (torsion box) construction. Box girders are used by engineers in aircraft and bridge construction where torsional stiffness is a primary requirement. The efficient use of materials keeps the cost of manufacture low. Our interlocking pre-cut panels self align and require no special tools to assemble. The flexibility to choose the dimensions of your bench will allow you to customize the height to suit your physique and make the maximum use of the space in your workshop.

  • Box-girder panels are Flat, Rigid & Stable
  • Choose width, depth & height
  • Simple self-assembly
  • Ships flat

Configure & Order

Simple Assembly

The following videos shows how to assemble the main box-girder panels and legs for a workbench using normal wood adhesive.

Shipped very flat!

The panels for the bench are laser cut plywood. Supplied unassembled these panels take up relatively little space and are therefore easy to ship.